Dr Guruchander spearheads the healing arts group at GRDHealth Clinic. He has provided excellent chiropractic care at GRD Clinic for over 30 years. He handpicks our network of independent healing practitioners who provide treatment in multiple modalities, including acupuncture, energy healing, shamanic healing, herbal medicine and massage.

A Listing of our Participating Health Practitioners

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Austin Alred, L.M.T. 7740
(Karam Prem) 505.377.7480

Karam = action, “one who does”

Prem = love, devotion, healing
He has been a hobbyist of the kinesthetic arts ever since incarnating as an intuitive Scorpio, and has completed his first Saturn return while completely immersed in the healing/training to be a IKYTA Teacher at Yoga Santa Fe in 2015.

Austin is pursuing certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.
He would be happy to offer any explanation as well as a free introductory session (every session is unique) and usually integrates the cranial work with massage and Reflexlogy.

Offering 1, 1.5, and 2 hr sessions: A typical session involves all of these intentions, but an outcome is determined either through intuition or yourclear descriptions of your experience.

Therapeutic Swedish massage – 55/hr
Active or Passive Stretching, ROM Assist – .5hr/35
Deep Tissue massage – 55/hr or 85/1.5hr
Hands, Feet, and Neck Reflexology – 55/hr (includes Craniosacral)
Headache, Allergy, Sinus Relief – .5hr/35 (cranial technique)
Craniosacral session – by donation
Sat Nam Rasayan – by donation

Kevin Minogue
Shamanic counseling (SC)
The purpose of a SC session is to help you resolve past traumas, clarify present goals, and to create solid grounding for your personal solutions. In many cases various forms of addictions, habits, and mood distortions can be either minimized or eliminated entirely over time. Clients are empowered by various techniques of counseling, energy work, clearing and shamanism. The basis and strength of this work is spiritual, which profoundly affects the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of one’s life. Many clients report immediate personal and life changes as a result of their first session.

Based on my experience of more than 20 years in both shamanism and counseling, I have set a general limit of 4 sessions per calendar year for my clients. This allows clients to privately integrate the work. This also prevents both a weekly re-traumatization, as well as a continued narcissistic focus on the “problem” –as I have found sometimes happens in more traditional counseling settings. This limit also prevents the sessions from becoming circular/repetitive in nature, wasting both time and energy. Shamanic Counseling is not a psychologically based treatment, but rather a spiritual offering to our community.

If you are ready to celebrate the adventure – which is your life, please give me a call for an appointment. 505-690-8489

Sessions are $100, for 1.5 hours.

Please allow yourself an hour of quiet (ideally in nature) following the session.