Yogic Numerology Readings by Dr Guruchander

Guruchander presents a system known to the yogis for thousands of years to open the pathway to soul mastery. This numerology system is not predictive, instead it is a model to connect you with your journey back to your Self.

Kundalini yogis acknowledge that humans have 10 bodies – soul body, negative mind, positive mind, neutral mind, physical body, the arc line, the aura, pranic body, subtle body and a radiant body. Guruchander was taught directly by Yogi Bhajan as he treated him each evening for almost 20 years. The information came both by transmission and direct dialog. Since 1977 he has mastered this system of numerology and can describe these 10 bodies in amazing detail as to how it pertains to you, and how you can apply these teachings to your life.

The intention of Yogic Numerology is to enjoy life as a yogi, a life beyond the drama of the polarities. To live right in the middle of it all, as householders, business people, and to enjoy the song of your soul. To learn to dissolve the polarities (karma) into the neutrality of your awareness.

When you schedule a reading with Guruchander you will give him your birthday and then he will spend 60 minutes with you. The session will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards.

You can expect to receive specific meditations and yoga asanas

One hour reading: $150.00

10 Body Treatment

The 10 Body Treatment is a pressure point healing method that has been found to:
Address your pain and discomfort
Release inflammation
Reduce the pain and discomfort of temporary, chronic and acute inflammation
Produce a state of calmness and implements patterns of peace and relaxation to replace anger and stress
Reduce the tendency and habits of anger and self-abuse, as well as outward-directed anger


Medical science today knows that the root of disease is inflammation. Whether you are suffering from intermittent or chronic pain or general discomfort, it is most likely caused by inflammation. On the physical level, inflammation is the body’s initial response to harmful stimuli that we experience everywhere in the world we live in. Underlying the physical expression of inflammation is the emotional expression represented by anger.

Therapy sessions include:
Chiropractic manipulation and pressure point therapy

By receiving 10 consecutive treatments you will be able to maintain a state of homeostasis which is incorporated deeper into your body with each session.

For maximum effect the 10 sessions should always be scheduled within 30 days of each other.

10 Body Treatment (1) Here is a description for the treatment!


Watch Dr. Guruchander perform the 10 Body Treatment.

Part 1

Part 2

Chiropractic Care

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