Yogic Energy Healing

with Kirn:

Healing is our unique journey back to wholeness.The intention for this healing is to:

  • Neutralize Constraints
  • Awaken to Possibilities
  • Manifest Consistent Expansion into your Potential

The following conditions will help us to work together:

  • I ask that you show up with a desire to manifest your potential
  • Participate with curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Have a committed spiritual practice
  • Pay my fees
  • Not smoke

My offer is:
I illuminate potential so you can get real
By appointment: email: kirnkhalsa@gmail.com

1 week prior to session please mail to:
1505 Llano Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505

  • Several strands of your hair
  • Payment of $108
  • Your birthdate

During the 30 minute session we will explore:

  • Yogic Numerology to bring awareness to karmic patterns which keep us in the illusion of separateness and pain, yet also illuminates our most potent healing opportunities
  • Radionics and Radiasthesia to identify the most beneficial modalities for harmonizing your energy

You will receive a specific practice to do after the session which could include:

  • Yoga and meditations, mantra yoga, dietary changes, color therapy, hydrotherapy, and energetic remedies.
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Kirn sees clients by appointment only